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About KMR Cycles

Kinematic Moto Research LLC is based out of Spokane, Washington; started in January of 2015.

Stephen Gates

Stephen started his career in the mid to late 90's working at a Honda, Yamaha, and Ducati dealership in western Washington.
In 1999 worked at a Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, KTM, Gasgas, Husaberg, Kymco, and Polaris (Previously Triumph, Norton and Husqvarna) dealership working alongside one of the top mechanics in the area whom had been working at that shop since 1965. This shop provided race set-up and support for Kawasaki Team Green racers and factory supported KTM racers.
In 2004 became the parts and service manager of a Honda and Yamaha dealership. At this time Stephen also worked at an independent race shop and became an apprentice of one of the top race mechanics in the country learning about suspension set-up, carburetion, and two stroke tuning. He also worked in service at a BMW, Moto Guzzi, Triumph, Vespa dealer. In 2007 he was also working in an automotive research and development lab.

In 2009 Stephen started up his first motorcycle shop performing vintage restorations, race set-up and tuning, and repairs. In 2011 turned the repair shop into a full dealership selling new (Beta, Gasgas, Ural, and Genuine scooter) and used (mostly European) motorcycles as well as service. By mid 2014 sales grew much faster than anticipated and he did not have the capital to keep up and was closed down. After the shop was closed, numerous customers contacted him for services not offered , and encouraged him to open KMR Cycles in 2015.

-Offroad (hare scrambles, GP, Enduro, Enduro Cross)
-IJSBA (Endurance)
-Road (Vintage, 250cc, 600cc)

Brandon Stafford

Born in Spokane, Brandon spent time learning from his father and grandfather whom were master machinist, and fabricators at a young age. He started his career as a mechanic in the late 90's, his mechanical aptitude allowed him to move up the ranks as a professional mechanic quickly. He was an apprentice of a master fuel injection tuner and became known for his skill in complex electrical repair and love of Turbo chargers. In 2005, was factory trained Suzuki mechanic.

Brandon opened a motorcycle repair shop in Kona, HI offering services that included: Services and repairs; motocross set-up and tuning; vintage restoration; custom builds; and Anodizing and Plating.

In 2012 worked at a speciality shop in Las Vegas specializing in Harley-Davidson and V-Twin motorcycles and vintage restoration. Brandon was also hired to perform the motorcycle restorations on the History Channel show "American Restoration" from 2011 to 2015. Brandon became known as one of the best Harley-Davidson and V-Twin mechanic in Las Vegas. In 2017 Brandon moved back to Spokane and joined KMR Cycles.

-Arena Cross
-HOG Hunting
-Hare Scramble

KMR Cycles LLC
1403 N Greene ST STE #3
Spokane, WA 99202