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Kinematic Moto Research LLC (KMR Cycles) provides professional quality services for motorcycles from pre-war to modern ranging from preventative maintenance to vintage restorations, collision repair, and race set-up and tuning.

We pride ourselves on our focus and expertise on motorcycles, and do not work on other powersport vehicles. This is what allows us to be proficient at the wide array of motorcycle services we provide. We take a scientific and data driven approach in an attempt to continually improve our services.

Not only are we focused on specializing in motorcycles, we also take the approach to motorcycling more similar to aviation. Realizing motorcycles are an unforgiving machine, encourages additional effort to prevent physical harm to both the motorcycle and its rider. This is one of the reasons we rarely accept parts brought in by customers, we need to be certain that there is a low chance of failure. While we make every effort to keep service costs reasonable, we are not the cheapest shop in town; our concern is in keeping your motorcycle on the road, or dirt, or track.

In an effort of transparency below are some resources to help you decide on the right shop for you and your motorcycle:
What to look for when finding a service shop.
KMR Cycles service agreement
KMR Cycles vintage motorcycle notice
KMR Cycles warranty

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Motorcycle Collision Repair

There is nothing more heartbreaking the the loss of your true love, of course I am talking about your motorcycle. Whether you just bought your dream bike and have not even finished the 'run-in' period, or it is a family heirloom; KMR Cycles can return your motorcycle back to pre-accident condition.

KMR Cycles works with your insurance directly to make it easier on you, and to ensure the repairs are done correctly, as quickly as possible, and without hassle. Since we do not sell new motorcycles, you will not have to worry about us trying to sell you a new bike, or causing an unnecessary total-loss adding additional expenses on top of everything.

If needed, we provide pick-up services from your home or tow-yard. Most body work, paint, welding, and machining is done in-house to save time and costs.

Race Set-up and Tuning

If you are racing flat-track, road racing, drag, racing, hill-climb, off-road, supermoto, arena cross, or motocross, KMR Cycles can help you gain an edge over your competition. The KMR approach to race set up is a little different. First, we understand that the manufacturer is in most cases the most knowledgeable on the subject. The manufacturer has spent more time, money, and race days than anyone else learning about your motorcycle. Our experience in research and development labs, as well as our relationships with many manufacturers, and SAE papers have proven the manufacturers are knowledgeable. Because of this, we understand there is great improvement to be realized from the blueprinting process, where we modify your motorcycle into the bike the manufacturer wanted to build but couldn't due to manufacturing constraints, costs, market planning, legal regulations or other factors.

The other side of tuning is that we see that each rider is looking for something different out of their bike. Because of this, we take tuning individually for each rider, bike, and application.

KMR Cycles offers the following tuning services:

-Two Stroke Port Alterations
-Two Stroke Custom Tuned Exhaust
-Head Modifications
-Four Stroke Engine
-Four Stroke Custom Tuned Exhaust
-Fuel system (Carburation/Fuel Injection)
-Wheel/ Tires
-Chassis Modifications

See more on Tuning
Where to race

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Vintage Restoration

Being a steward of motorcycling history is rewarding, however, care must be taken in preserving your piece of motorcycling history. From a 1914 Triumph TT to a 1982 Honda CB750, or a 1974 Bultaco Pursang, or a Harley Davidson Knuckle Head the experience of riding a vintage motorcycle is unlike riding a current model. Service, repairs, and restorations of vintage motorcycles takes additional care, attention to detail, and additional knowledge including an understanding of metallurgy, material ageing, and forces the engine has endured as it ages past its engineered life.

Motorcycles have an engineered lifespan of 3 to 5 years (up to 7 years for some cruisers), after this time servicing requires more skill and attention to detail. Many shops do not service motorcycles when they reach 10 years old as they are considered obsolete. We consider motorcycles older than 15 years to be vintage.

KMR Cycles is equipped with the tooling, knowledge, and resources to help you keep your vintage motorcycle ride-ready:
-Full or Partial Restorations
-Paint and Refinishing
-Engine, Transmission, Primary Refurbishing
-Custom Cables and Lines
-Electrical Repair
-Routine Maintenance and Tune-up
-Rust Removal: Fuel Tank, Fasteners, Other parts
-Repair or remake unavailable parts.

What to expect with vintage motorcycles and KMR Cycles vintage motorcycle notice

Factory Trained Service and Maintaince

KMR Cycles provides professional quality routine maintenance services for motorcycles from pre-war to modern. Mechanics at KMR are factory trained and certified in most major brands, and have special tools and factory service literature for the following:

      -Genuine Scooters
      -Harley-Davidson TM
      -Moto Guzzi
      -MV Agusta
      -Royal Enfield

Motorcycle Diagnostics

KMR Cycles uses professional OEM quality diagnostic tools, combined with training and experience to accurately and quickly diagnose your motorcycle. We keep a database of motorcycle diagnostics, test results, and outcomes; we also share data with a small group of professionals. This gives us the advantage of starting testing with the most likely culprit that statistically gives the best outcome.

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Wheels and Tires

Mount and Balancing only $25*, Free mounting and balancing on most tire purchases. Most mounting is done same or next day!

Ask about nitrogen filling your tires, only $2 per tire.
Why should I have my motorcycle tires filled with Nitrogen?
-Nitrogen is more stable than air and will provide a more consistent air pressure, especially when riding though different temperature and elevations.
-Nitrogen does not pass through rubber as easily as other gasses found in the atmosphere.
-Nitrogen is dry and does not contain moisture, or other chemicals that will break rubber or cause rot.

KMR offers in house wheel lacing and truing to save you time and money, and prevents potential loss from shipping. Your old spokes will be cut off the wheel, then recycled unless disassembly is requested (with additional charge) to keep old spokes and nipples. Once the wheel is laced, it is trued on a professional truing stand. Most wheels are trued to +/- 30 μm (+/- 0.001").

*Due to the growing problem of counterfeit tires, and improvements making them very difficult to detect, KMR Cycles will no longer mount tires purchased online onto street legal motorcycles as of 09/01/2017. This is too great of a legal risk for us and a physical risk to you. Most manufacturers have a set minimum advertised price, this is the price we sell tires at, and we are now offering free mount and balance on most tires purchased from us to ensure your safety.

Research and Development

KMR Cycles provides professional and discreet motorcycle research and development, and product testing. We have worked with large and small manufacturers on projects ranging from development, testing, auditing, failure inspection, warranty or TSB correction. There are several reasons to outsource R&D contact us to find out how we can help you succeed.

Joint or External availability to fit your needs.

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Other Motorcycle Service

-Custom Cables
-Custom Brake lines
-Pre-sale Inspections
-Off-road to Street DOL Inspections
-Crank repair/ truing
-Cylinder Head repair (valve guides, valve seats, journal repair, machining)
-Steering Head upgrade
-Custom Parts
-Engine case repair
-Frame and Chassis Repair
-Oil and chemical testing
-Dent removal
-Paint and Powder coat
-Project Consultation
-Sidecar fitting
-Crank Phase
-Connecting Rod Repair
-Rust Removal: Fuel Tank, Fasteners, Other parts

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