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Motorcycle Service Agreement

I certify I possess the legal right to authorize repairs for the above listed vehicle. KMR Cycles has authorization to take the necessary steps to obtain parts, materials, and complete repairs, including any on-road vehicle testing. A chattel & possessory lien is hereby acknowledged on said vehicle to secure the costs of repairs, materials, and parts. Vehicles left 3 days after completion are subject to a storage fee of $25/day unless other arrangements are made. The following signature acknowledges understanding and agreement to the previously stated terms.

Customer Parts Disclosure:
Any and all guarantees or warranties are forfeited if while servicing your vehicle the mechanic discovers new or used "oem" or after-market parts purchased from unauthorized sellers or Chinese manufactures. These parts are to be disclosed to the mechanic/repair shop before or at the time of authorization and are to be replaced with correct and quality parts. Any parts fitting the previously stated description are known to cause damage and lead to failure. Disclosing these parts to us will save you time and money. Additional charges may accrue due to the additional shop time needed to service with these parts. This includes replication body parts.

KMR Cycles is not responsible for unavailability of parts or delays beyond reasonable control. In case of fire, theft, or other cause beyond reasonable control, KMR Cycles is not responsible for loss or damage to the vehicle, or any articles left in or on the vehicle.

Vintage Motorcycles Acknowledgement:
Motorcycles built 15 years before today's date are classified as vintage. Vintage Motorcycles are exempt from RCW 46.71.025. Motorcycles classified as such may require unforeseen repairs, parts, and may experience additional delays. I have read and understand the attached Vintage Motorcycle Notice & Acknowledgement and have been provided a copy of the document